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Du Fu

A Poem by Du Fu : View From A Height

‫   View From A Height Sharp wind, towering sky, apes howling mournfully; untouched island, white sand, birds flying in circles. Infinite forest, bleakly shedding leaf after leaf; inexhaustible river, rolling on wave after wave. Through a thousand miles of ...

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A Poem by Du Fu : To Bi Siyao

‫   To Bi Siyao Once stately figures in the art of rhyme, Now sadly down at heels, our careers in ruin, Regarded by our servants with disdain, We are grown old and gray before our time. Yet in your ...

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A Poem by Du Fu : The Eight Formations

‫   The Eight Formations Your achievements overshadowed any in the Three Kingdoms; most famous of all was your design for the Eight Formations. Against the river’s surge, they stand solid, immovable, a monument to your lasting regret at failing ...

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A Poem by Du Fu : Song Of Lovely Women

‫   Song Of Lovely Women Third day, third month festival, and the air fresh with spring; beside Serpentine Lake in Chang’an, many lovely women stroll. Their appearance is elegant, their thoughts lofty and refined, their complexions delicate, figures in ...

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