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راسپوتین . کشیش دیوانه : Grigori Rasputin, the Mad Monk

راسپوتین . کشیش دیوانه : Grigori Rasputin, the Mad Monk

آلکسی گریگوری راسپوتین قبل از تبدیل شدن به یک چهره با نفوذ در دربار تزار قبل از انقلاب . توسط تزاز روسیه برای شفا دادن پسرش استخدام شده بود . در حالی که داستان های ضد و نقیضی در مورد زندگی و مرگ او وجود دارد . افسانه مرگ او یکی از مشهورترین و غیرمعمول ترین ها است . با توجه به داستان .بدن راسپوتین را موقعی که از آبهای یخزده روخانه بیرون میاورند معلوم میشود که او را توسط سم سیانور مسموم و چند گلوله به او شلیک و با چاقو بدنش را سوراخ کرده و سپس در آبهای یخ زده رودخانه جهت اطمینان از مرگش انداخته اند تا غرق شود . دانشمندان دوران جدید تلاش کردند تا واقعیات را از درون افسانه بیرون بکشند ولی با همه اینها هنوز هم افسانه او بر واقعیات می چربد .


Employed by the Tsar to heal his son, Alexei Grigori Rasputin was a spiritual healer before becoming an influential figure in pre-Revolution Tsarist circles. While there are conflicting stories about his life and death, the legend of his demise is one of the most unusual and renown. According to the story, Rasputin was poisoned, shot, stabbed, and drowned but only succumbed to death after being viciously beaten by his assailants after they “rescued” him from the river. Modern scientists have managed to poke holes in the outlandish story, but its absurd nature has withstood the weights of reality.

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    Grigoriy Rasputin was a very strange person and the same time he had a great influence on some members of Tsars family.There were several attempt to kill them,but he guessed and avoid them..At last he was killed.There is a movie about him.And I remember the famous song of Bony M .It ends :Öh,those Russians…”

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