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دانلود رایگان کتاب Technical Deta Report for Graviola . Annona Muricata

دانلود رایگان کتاب  Technical Deta Report for Graviola . Annona Muricata

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Graviolais a small , upright ever green tree, 5–6 m high,with large, glossy ,  dark green leaves . It produces a large,heart-shaped, edible fruit that is 15– 20 cm in diameter and green in color, with white flesh inside. Graviola is indigenous to most of the warmest tropical areas in South and North America,including the Amazon. The fruit issold inlocal markets in the tropics,where it is called graviola in Brazil , guaná bana in Spanish-speaking countries , and soursop in the United States.  The fruit pulp is excellent for making drinks and sherbets and, though slightly sour-acidic, can be eaten out of hand.
All parts of the graviola tree are used in natural medicine in the tropics , including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and fruit seeds .Different properties and uses are attributed to the different parts of the tree .Generally, the fruit and fruit juice are taken for worms and parasites, to cool fevers, to increase mother’s milk after child birth, and as an astringent (drying agent) for diarrhea and dysentery . The crushed seeds are used against internal and external parasites, head lice, and worms. The bark, leaves,and roots are considered anti spasmodic , hypotensive , and sedative , and a tea is made for various disorders toward those effects.
Graviola has a long,  rich history of use in herbal medicine as well as a lengthy recorded indigenous use.In the Peruvian Andes , a leaf tea is used  for catarrh (inflammation of mucous membranes) and the crushed seed is used to kill parasites.In the Peruvian Amazon the bark,roots, and leaves are used for diabetes and as a sedative and antispasmodic. Indigenous tribes in Guyana use a leaf and/or bark tea as a sedative and heart tonic.In the Brazilian  Amazon a leaf tea is used for liver problems, and the oil of the leaves and unripe fruit is mixed with olive oil and used externally for neuralgia, rheumatism, and arthritis pain. In Jamaica, Haiti,and the West Indies, the fruit and/or fruit juice is used for fevers, parasites, and diarrhea; the bark or leaf is used as an antispasmodic, sedative, and nervine for heart conditions,coughs, flu, difficult childbirth , asthma, hypertension, and parasites …..

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