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Pen And Paper by Abdul Wahab

Pen And Paper

Pen And Paper

What more wanted a woman!
I had been drinking life
From the bottom to the brim
Of the bowl of nectar and wine
Full content was my heart
The soul always sang a song,
My life danced in a joy!
As we three slept
One by one
I was in the middle
On the one side
Was my child
On the other
Was my love
Through the open windows
Of us fell on the pillows
The silver light
Made our faces angel bright
Still I could not sleep
The mind
Having a bun on the oven
The heart
Having a hang of the heavy clouds
Liked to pour in
I was writhing with a pain
Feeling Strangulated suffocated breathless
Nothing came out
As I tried to vomit
I knew the only medicine
The pen and paper
On which I wanted to deliver
Though for a span of time, brief
I heaved a sigh of relief!

Abdul Wahab

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