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A Poem By Ronald N.Ramseur : My Candle

Ronald N. Ramseur

My Candle

Through the hours of my soul melts away in the night I writ of you
My quill near the ink well
I pour from heart words of peace and humble love to your ears
My heart speaks
I cherish you and my soul comes surrendering at your feet
Noor am I defeated but love stricken with this desire to be only yours
You smile and I feel the healing of your breath enter through me
Then I lay down everything I close my mind and rest as your hand brush my brow
I’m finish like a man laid dead but risen to a new life
I just married that life I wish not to awaken for I am happy where I lay
Good night world, my heart stop, life goes on and I to go on
RNR 07.02.16

Ronald N. Ramseur

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