Menemen is a very tasty, quick and easy dish from Turkish cuisine.


4 tomatoes
1 green pepper or 2 long peppers which are a little chilly /they are special kind/
125 g. Oil
5 fresh green onion
some fresh mint
fresh parsley
6 eggs


Wash the tomatoes, cut in half and using a spoon take out the seeds. This is done in order to not much liquid during preparation of Menemen. Slice the tomatoes into small cubes.

Put the butter in a pan and heat before it melts, add the tomatoes.

Clean peppers of seeds and hot peppers of veins, so hotness is less. Chop and add to the tomatoes.

Chop fresh onion into rings and add to other vegetables. Onions do not Fry for long, it is good to stay crispy.

Add coarsely chopped herbs, salt and pepper to taste. And a little chilly if not used chilies. Shuffle.

Once you’ve made sure that it is well seasoned , bump up the eggs dwindle stove at medium power, and did not meddle dish anymore.

The readiness of the dish you define yourself according to how you prefer eggs: soft-boiled or hard.

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