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Shhhh, Can’T Hear The Dougie’s, Try Again! Now That’s Much Better! by Udiah


Shhhh, Can’T Hear The Dougie’s, Try Again! Now That’s Much Better!

We had two employees
One was named ol’ Leslie
The other inside bore
The names of just me.

The one day the outside supe
Came our way
Guess what? my dear boys
In time shall I see

That if it continues to bear
The system
I can see in the future
OL’ Leslie like me

For you see it too
Don’t you my Ol’ Les
It’s back to that game
We need to do ‘Mor with Les’

As for me I was sent
Back into the inside
And there stood
Old friend Brute’ in my rest

Now old Brute’ had
Come to my relief
And then he rushed back
To his open lunch sack.

While on the way avoiding tourists
That day
So he’d not be seen
Just how lean and mean we might be!

For when he did reach
Into grab his first snack
Coffee break was done
So no chance was his lack

But trouble did brew
So he came rushing right back
Did you here the good news
For the Cohl that we lack

Seems that Big Moe
Had just broken his leg
‘Good, ‘ I did say, ‘Then
Maybe some day
We can have a big breather
When Schultzie gets back
‘Til then I’m afraid we’ll
Just have to be paid,
With all the crumbs
From all the mess that was made.’

Then did I point at the crumbs
On the floor as I made my way
To the far exit door.
I hope all this will be worth it when done.
For if it’s not then ‘Les has to be Mor’
Oh my name, ‘It’s just O’ Connor, you see’
But wait who’s down stairs?
That’s the one I run for
For Safety’s sake please
Dear God give me more.
For the bell that did ring
Was so, so long ago…..
Yep! All are for Safety
Until they do need
More efficiency, power
And the clean we do lack
All for our future until
I break my back.

So please say a prayer
Just especially for me
As I clean this one
For it’s the top of idiocy
See now they’ve got one
To catch all Coal’s Chrome
And if it catches all
Then I can go home
Oh, me, sorry, I’m the
A fancy name for the many we lack
But soon will they see
After three days of pitch black
If you get too far goofy
In The great heat you shall lack
But one CAN roast many dig-dongs
You see, for when the moon is new
The do howl too.

As do the Kyotes around
That you may never see
As they scare the shit out of
One that can’t see
Now they’ll be the ones
That will be needing this
As I carefully fail not to dropp one on me.
Feeww, I’m sure glad I just made it in time
To miss any dose, I might not get
Next month, see.
For this is the trial here that I do collect
NO shortage on this one, they will
Never forget.
For if they ever see, what it’s done just to me
I will just smile
When I do just see
One Lieing Fool that did this to me
But there’s just too many Dick’s
So what’s in it for me
Nothing! You see, but, all took it from me
While the real Dick’s fried all the Children to BE!
So I just await my share of new meat from the deep freeze
For many thought they could hide
Just like Ol Bonnie and Clyde
But they were the first that did give it away
Now, the protein they lacked
Is all ready and packed
As I leave on VACAY for the dummies
Never caught, the one’s on the farm
Where the beans and long shots
Manically laugh at their leaders
Who have all the rest!
Yep, Pat, the last laugh was finally right
But this time to Kelly’s B&G
We do barter tonight!
Hmmm, wonder which method
Of bartering will they use
To get their harvest way too late!
‘Say, is that one getting low? ‘
I say, ‘Hell NO’ that one is ours
But he just don’t know,
How to make coffee
With little heat.
‘YEP! ‘ it sure did, Screw ‘Em!
To try to please all
Like Lincoln did say……..
‘Shhhhhh! ! ! They’re listening again.’
Was that a help? OH WELL!
The Northern lights sure do dance better!
Wonder, what’s up there? No NOT on this side
That they would have thought would make
Such good comedies!
You have to love it, when we do
‘MOR with LESSON’ plan, but much, much butter! ‘

Udiah (witness to Yah)

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