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The Lost Tomb of King Arthur Finally Discovered

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King Arthur Tomb Discovered

The Lost Tomb of King Arthur Finally Discovered

According to a historian, the ‘Lost Tomb’ of legendary King Arthur might have been discovered.
Is it possible that King Arthur is buried in a field located in Shropshire According to historians, the legendary rulers resting place might be located near a medieval village.
According to Legend, King Arthur was transported to the Isle of Avalon after he was injured in a battle with his enemy Mordred before disappearing. However, a historian claims that he might have finally discovered the resting place of the legendary ruler –in a field in Shropshire.
Historian Graham Phillips has researchers the life of King Artur for years and he believes he has conclusive evidence that suggests the legendary ruler was buried in a medieval village outside Baschurch.
Philips believes he has narrowed down the resting place of the king to one of two locations: fortifications located outside the village thought to be an ancient fort called ‘The Berth’ and the site of an ancient chapel.
In order to confirm his theory, Phillips is now calling on English heritage to allow a full-scale investigation of ‘the Berth’ while he wants to study the location where the former chapel is as well.
Phillips has explained his latest theory in his book ‘The Lost Tomb of King Arthur’ where he says his thorough investigation on the legendary King follow on from his previous work where he suggested that King Arthur lived at the Roman fortress at Wroxeter.
King Arthur’s tomb not Avalon! According to claims, a historian believes he has have found where King Arthur is buried – in a field in Shropshire. In this image, you can observe an aerial view of the site, referred to as The Berth.
According to legend, the King led the defence of Britain when Saxon invaders arrived, wielding his legendary sword Excalibur.
„From my research, he came from Shropshire, not the south-west of England as everybody else says.In the Oxford University Library there is a poem from the Dark Ages which refers to the kings from Wroxeter who were buried at the Churches of Bassa – and when you think about anywhere in Shropshire that sounds similar, you think of Baschurch. There is a place that matches the description just outside the village, an earthwork known as The Berth, which were two islands in a lake, though apparently the lake has now gone,“ said Mr. Phillips.
Mr. Phillips believes that while there still have not been any excavations at the proposed sites, outline work has discovered a pit with large pieces of metal.
He said: „At the moment I’m trying to get permission from English Heritage for an archaeological dig, but they don’t often give that because they want to protect the site. With technology moving forward, in the not-so-distant future we may be able to see what is in there without digging. But I believe it is necessary because otherwise other people might go there and destroy the site.“
However, Mr. Philips is also extremely interested on another site, a country lane near the village Birch Grove where researchers have discovered evidence of an old chapel in the 1930’s.
So it is possible and when they found the remains, they found part of a gravestone with Latin writing that appears to translate to ‘Here Lies’. It would be easier to get permission to dig there because it is not protected, so that could take place very soon,“ concluded Mr. Phillips.

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