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It’s a very delicious pie. I call it lazy, because it is very   easy  to prepare and the result is always fantastic. The most difficult part of the recipe is to grate the pumpkin or apples . I personally prefer it with apples, but it is also good with pumpkin too.


250g                       flour

250g                       sugar

250g                       semolina

1 packet                  backing powder

1   ½ kilo of            grated / not very small pieces / pumpkin or apples

150g                       butter  or oil or  mixed

some                      cinnamon.

lazy pie

Mix the flour, the sugar, the semolina and the baking powder very well .

Add the cinnamon and 3-4 table spoons sugar to the grated fruit .

Grease   a dish , then put  1/3  of the dry mix on it .

Then cover with  1/3  of grated fruit . Repeat   2 times .

On the top must be a fruit layer.

Pour    the  melted butter and bake it for about  40 minutes at  180-200C .

After baking you may sparkle  with sugar powder if you wish .

Then cut into pieces .

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