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Future by Mittur Ramprasad

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Born in the cradle of fleeting time at a particular moment
Somewhere between the past and the future called present
Ever since then become I have a wanderer chasing the future
But always a step behind no matter what I do, how much I endure

Magician is the river of time as it winds and bends its course
Turning the present into past and present into future in terse
Matter it will not even with eagle’s watch in this universal den
One cannot see the change happening even with both eyes open

Future is the indefinite time after present that still remains
It is the fourth dimension of the universe in divine’s reigns
Future lies behind doors of time that no one can see at present
It is the mystery of life revealed by the invisible divine’s intent

Wrapped I am all around in chains of time and I cannot escape
Invisible it is to touch or to feel or to breathe or to see its shape
Choice was not mine to embark on this journey it was predestined
Again I don’t know why I am placed in this path to be challenged

I am both blessed and cursed at the same time with gift of mind
Supremacy I have with given intellect about the existence of wind
But when I want to hold or to see, foolish will be my undertaking
As my intelligence begins to affirm about the cool breeze blowing

Future is the loom of time that is weaving the life of humanity
One cannot see the weaver’s hands at work till dawn of eternity
Future lies behind the doors of time that no one can see at present
It is the suspense one has to live with as it is invisible divine’s intent

Arrival of future is inevitable due to the existence of time in space
With its influx brings new things that was not present on earth’s face
In reality of life only present exists past and the future is only illusory
When future comes becoming present then it wears disguise of contemporary

Every one living in present is not blessed with the bequest of future
As some are lost in the world of past with only memories to nurture
Only the present is on hand to live in this life’s uncertain journey
Dream it is to think of another tomorrow whether it is sunny or rainy

Future that was fleeting becomes present with flow of river of time
Joyous may be treacherous may be choice is not yours or mine
Future is gift of God for all humans living in present every moment
Definite is not the amount of units of future as it is invisible divine’s intent
As sands of time slowly erode and lost in the heart of the universe
Present becomes past present becomes future running its due course
As oceans goes through the different phases of stillness and tempest
Time keeps its imperceptible run as life goes through its best and worst

Future lies in the soul of illusion of linear time until it becomes present
Where dwells the truth of heavens for all to feel as life’s lasting testament
Living is always in shadows of death until it holds the souls in its loving arms
Real is life only in present as past is memory and future is only in dreams

Future is not in anyone’s hands as it’s only a life’s vast concept
Wait one shouldn’t at expense of the present which is in percept
Future is always disguised wearing many masks that are different
Revealed is not its face until becomes present as it is invisible divine’s intent

Past has gone into the shelf of life where it can be retrieved only by mind
No choice to cherry pick the moments of joy as sorrow is also in its blend
Lost is the chance once present is lived in its real existence wisely or not
Too late to think of present once it becomes past in depths of time’s heart

Future comes without announcing its arrival in path of everyone’s life
Opens like oyster showing things that didn’t present before in its brief
In timeline, future is yet to come with all its glory of elation and sorrow
Never the same for everyone living on this earth with no time to harrow

Future comes one moment at a time even without the welcome mat
Only natural for humans to hope for it to come in their life’s format
As it is the desire of all humans to live long with those future moments
Because of the alternative is death although it is invisible divine’s intent

Sailing on river of time one has to face the waves of tranquil and powerful
Which one cannot foresee as it is hidden in the womb of future with a veil
From dawn of times time has always flown into future bringing its own wish
Choose we cannot the structure of future but to accept the way it is to cherish

Past is the burial ground of all the futures that became present one time or another
Some are joyous to yearn for that present again some are torturous to forget forever
Every future that became past was a milestone in life with influence of significance
As each of that moment in life’s journey was a day that was of some consequence

Future is unknown stranger that everyone wants to meet in their present
Hoping it brings events of their choice with its every facet being pleasant
Then again one can only live their present dreaming of future to be affluent
But helpless is every human to manipulate as it is invisible divine’s intent

Future is only conceptual in every human mind with no definite configuration
Wish of every human heart and soul for their future to be is of a lasting celebration
One can only live the present with knowledge of past to shape their future to be
But chances are it may not arrive in exact replica of imagination of you and me

Present on hand is the gift that one should be thankful in every cognizant instant
Not a moment too late as time flees invisibly in the space like it is already meant
One can recollect the past imagine the future but one can only live in the present
Unwise it is to ignore what’s on hand not to experience the present as it is God sent

Future tantalizes minds in all levels making them become obsessively pondering
Lying awake are humans wondering about the future with all kinds of planning
Only to realize that future has its own designed plans with its predestined content
Every individual has to accept that arrangement as it is invisible divine’s intent

I wonder is it arrogance of humans to think of future while ignoring the present
As time on hand is bestowed from beyond for us to live to its maximum amount
Alignment of stars varies for every one at any given time with rain or sunshine
One has to live with the way its meant with the knowledge acquired over the time

Future is obscure in every concept be it scientific religious philosophic or spiritual
One can comment in any which way it suits their way but it will not be consensual
Discourse can happen for eons to come and still one cannot visualize to see its face
Wait one has for it to make its appearance in its own time showing its eternal grace

Future is ambiguous in every which way its analyzed it can never be foreseen
And one has to be blessed to see the future to become present on the life’s scene
When one is lost in by gone present becoming the past without humans consent
One is not aware of the event by any heart or soul as it is invisible divine’s intent

Happy I am to be here in this present with the people that are also blessed
Captivating it is to hear in sounds of silence the sentiments of the gathered
Joyous it is to be traveling with all the fellow journeymen on the same path
As before this present becomes past with advent of future I realize the truth

Future is not what I am concerned as much as I am about living in the present
As present will soon fleet from my life and I will have doubts about my commitment If any future is blessed in my life then its texture will partly depends on my weaving
As I am aware of my past which was a lost cause as I squandered its full blessing

Future will be what it will be as there is not much I can do about
But aware I am of my duty and I have my own inherited clout
Feeling grateful for this life that I have been given to represent
I will surrender to the force as I should as it is invisible divine’s intent

What is present what is past what is future really can anyone of us define let alone to see it hold it and analyze it. Just as I am thinking of this particular moment it is gone I didn’t even see it, did you see it all I know is that I was talking about it and it came made it presence and left without saying as much as good bye, of course it won’t say see you later or see you again as once it came through my life it is gone into yesterday and even that I cannot see it or show it to anyone, only in my memory I can recall about yesterday intellectually, but if I don’t have intellect then I have to rely on the numbers calendars and other resources about yesterday

Mittur Ramprasad

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