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دانلود رایگان کتاب Practical Electronics for Inventors

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Inventors in the field of electronics are individuals who possess the knowledge, intuition, creativity, and technical know-how to turn their ideas into real-life electrical gadgets. It is my hope that this book will provide you with an intuitive understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of electronics in a way that fuels your creativity.

A number of electronics books seem to throw a lot of technical formulas and theory at the reader from the start before ever giving the reader an idea of what a particular electrical device does, what the device actually looks like, how it compares with other devices similar to it, and how it is used in applications. If practical information is present, it is often toward the end of the chapter, and by this time, the reader may have totally lost interest in the subject or may have missed the “big picture,” confused by details and formulas. Practical Electronics for Inventorsdoes not have this effect on the reader. Each chapter is broken up into sections with the essential practical information listed first. A typical chapterone on junction field-effect transistors (JFETs)is outlined below.
• Basic Introduction and Typical Applications (three-lead device; voltage applied to
one lead controls current flow through the other two leads. Control lead draws
practically no current. Used in switching and amplifier applications.)
• Favors (n-channel and p-channel; n-channel JFET’s resistance between its conducting lead increases with a negative voltage applied to control lead; p-channel uses a positive voltage instead.)
• How the JFETs Work (describes the semiconductor physics with simple drawings
and captions)
• JFET Water Analogies (uses pipe/plunger/according contraption that responds to
water pressure)

• Technical Stuff (graphs and formulas showing how the three leads of a JFET
respond to applied voltages and currents. Important terms are defined.)
• Example Problems (a few example problems that show how to use the theory)
• Basic Circuits (current driver and amplifier circuits used to demonstrate how the
two flavors of JFETs are used.)
• Practical Consideration (types of JFETs: small-signal, high-frequency, dual JFETs;
voltage, current, and other important ratings and specifications, along with a sample specification table)
• Applications (complete circuits: relay driver, audio mixer, and electric field strength meter) By receiving the practical information at the beginning of a chapter, readers can quickly discover whether the device they are reading about is what the doctor ordered. If not, no great amount of time will have been spent and no brain cells will have been burned in the process.

Perhaps the most common predicament a newcomer faces when learning electronics is figuring out exactly what it is he or she must learn. What topics are worth covering, and in which general order should they be covered? A good starting
point to get a sense of what is important to learn and in what general order is presented in the flowchart in Fig. 1.1. This chart provides an overview of the basic elements that go into designing practical electrical gadgets and represents the
information you will find in this book. The following paragraphs describe these
basic elements in detail.
At the top of the chart comes the theory. This involves learning about voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, and various laws and theorems that help predict the size and direction of voltages and currents within circuits. As you learn the basic theory, you will be introduced to basic passive components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers.
Next down the line comes discrete passive circuits. Discrete passive circuits include current-limiting networks, voltage dividers, filter circuits, attenuators, and so on. These simple circuits, by themselves, are not very interesting, but they are vital
ingredients in more complex circuits.

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