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Universal dough

Universal dough

Universal dough


3 eggs;
0.5 liters of milk + half a cup for pouring the yeast;
200 g of margarine;
50 g of yeast;
Salt, sugar, vegetable oil.


Flour it is necessary to sift through a sieve. Margarine from the refrigerator to become room temperature. The yeast is mixed with a pinch of sugar and pour half a glass of warm milk. Subject to climb.

In an enamel pan pour about half a cup of flour and pour small portions of refined vegetable oil. Stir.
Weight should be creamy, no lumps.

So far, rub the flour and butter on a plate heated milk. Once it has boiled, pour in portions into a mixture of flour and butter. Filled portion, stir. Once filled — stir.

Add salt. Generously. Scoops salt palm, about two phalanges. Do not be afraid, it’s not much, about a teaspoon. Then add the sugar, it should be about half a cup or 2/3, no more. Stir.

Now pour in the mixture (not hot) yeast. Stir.

It was the turn of margarine. It should be at room temperature, the softer consistency, the better. They added, stir.

Eggs introducing into the mixture by one, carefully stirring.

Then pour small portions of flour, stir with a spoon. As soon as the mass was slightly thick cream, Opara is ready.

We leave it for a couple of hours in a warm place. About half an hour should be will check. If Opara well risen — obmyat. After a time rises again, even obmyat times. Done?

Now it’s time to add more flour to the dough has turned now. Add a little bit, no more than half a glass. They fill up — stir. So several times. Such a dough kneading hands is not necessary. Was mixed with a spoon. It will be difficult to rotate the spoon, but this is just a measure of the correct test.

Once the dough with a spoon is turned and want to begin to knead hands, feet! Suffering is not necessary anymore. Now the dough should be soft and maybe even a little stick to the hands.

Once again, put in a warm place to come. And after 20-30 minutes you have a great batter.

Mincemeat of this test can be totally different:

meat, fish, sweet, vegetable, cheese. You can make a big closed pies and bars open or closed. or small pies, tarts, rolls.

And a couple of secrets: pies before landing in the oven it is necessary to lubricate the whipped mixture of egg yolk and milk. And be sure to give them rasstoyatsya ten minutes. Then — in a preheated oven. Bake cakes quickly — 10-15 minutes.

Eat up even faster. This versatile dough is delicious and the like everything. The dough is kept perfectly on the top shelf of the refrigerator for 4-5 days. There is reason to call friends!

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