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Hope by Austin Fortner

Hope -3



what happens when you loose hope?
when you cant seem to find that reason to go on?
why do we feel this way?
will we ever find the answers?
some lose faith,
others lose hope,
but whichever you lose you may want to remember this…
with every loss there is some type of gain,
lose your faith and you might gain trust,
lose all hope and you could gain those who would hold you together.
whatever you lose you may not realize it but you will always gain something.
people need these questions,
we need these losses,
because we have to lose in order to gain.
this is the way of life we live everyday,
with loss there is gain,
with gain there is loss,
its a never ending cycle, a cruel cycle, but it teaches us the values of a loss and what that loss really means to us.
no matter what we lose there will be a gain.
hopefully we regain or faith or our hope but its our hope that also brings us to loss.

Austin Fortner

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