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Free Download : All Perry Rhodan eBooks in English

All Perry Rhodan eBooks in English-b

Free Download : All Perry Rhodan eBooks in English


This file contains : 130 Perry Rhodan eBooks


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Password = www.parsseh.com

Perry Rhodan – The Venus Trap —- Download

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  1. Avatar

    and the password to unarchive the rar is?

  2. Avatar

    I have loaded the page in both Firefox and IE, and there is no blue rectangle in either browser.

    • Avatar

      We had technical problems, so we changed the servers and all Plugins are disabled too, after every thing is settled down, very soon, we will start posting and plugins will be active again too.
      The file that you downloaded is: Perry Rhodan eBooks – English-www.parsseh.com
      what ever you can see after the name of album is the password
      I added the password inside this post for you too

  3. Avatar

    missing: 005 The Vega Sector

    I have many of these in paperback, old & falling apart…

    much happiness
    thanks given

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I was a Perry Rhodan fan, since young age and collected almost all the books after reading them, still have those old books.
      I checked to see if 005 The Vega Sector is missing
      I think maybe not, Please kindly open this file then you might agree:
      Perry Rhodan (005) Space Battle in the – Kurt Mahr
      you will see the book that has this tittle :
      Perry Rhodan
      Peacelord of the Universe
      The Third Power
      Space Battle in the Vega Sector
      Kurt Mahr
      Best Regards

  4. Avatar

    this is a really great download, I started reading Perry way back in the 70’s but stopped when I could not get it anymore. thank you for posting this.
    Although no 5 is there, no 17 ‘The Venus Trap’ is definitely not there, what is called number 17 is actually no 11.
    any chance of putting that one on?

  5. Avatar

    Is the link for the Perry Rhodan series down? I got it once, but it was corrupt after book 27, and I’m really antsy to finish the rest of the series… Haven’t read these for years and years!

    Thank you,


    • Avatar

      No it is not down, just download and checked all 130 books, none of them are corrupted.
      I like these books and have most of them in my personal library too, please try to down load it again or let me to know what can I do for you.

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