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Mirror by Abdul Wahab



Oh! Mirror the most loveable, cunning queen
You reflect in mostly whatever you have seen.
Face is the mirror of the soul
Literature is the face of the society as a whole
Oh! Mirror, you have to reflect me as it is your goal.
But why do you really fail to show my soul?

Whatever I do
In front of you
You do that ditto
If I lit a cigar, you lit too without nitto.
Even you can reflect the fire
Even you can make caricature
Out of me without any failure
But why do you really fail to show the fire
The burning sensation of my mind
And the sound of anguish which is in the wind?

Oh! Mirror, you are such a beauty! !
You have so much unparalleled quality! !
You make the distant nearer
And the nearer distant
You make the big small
And the small big.
But why do you always belittle me
When I am away from you?

We are a quirky pair
As long as we are near so long as we are dear
But when we are apart
You are so cruel; I am not in your heart.
But I can not forget you
Being tired and devastated in distress
I rush to you to show my face.
You are such a pretending ass
It seems that nothing happens between us.
You do as I do
You can not conceal my ugly face
The anxiety, the tiredness and the distress.
In such condition can our love continue
Have you any thing alternative left to me other than to hate you?

Abdul Wahab

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