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Two Poem by Peyo Yavorov : Two Beautiful Eyes , To Lora

Peyo Yavorov  –  Пейо Яворов

Peyo Yavorov (Bulgarian: Пейо Яворов; born Peyo Totev Kracholov, Пейо Тотев Крачолов; January 1, 1878–October 17, 1914) was a Bulgarian Symbolist poet. He was considered to be one of the finest poetic talents in the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Yavorov was a prominent member of the Misal group. His life and work are closely connected with the liberation movement Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization in Macedonia.

Пейо Яворов . Peyo Yavorov

Most of his poems are romantic in subject, and dedicated to the two women in his life — Mina Todorova and Lora Karavelova. His first (and arguably greatest) love Mina died from tubercolosis, which greatly saddened Yavorov. She was buried in the Paris cemetery Père Lachaise.

It was her premature death that made Yavorov start his philosophical diary. He began his drama “In the Foothills of Vitosha,” completed in 1911. One of Yavorov’s most popular poems “Two Beautiful Eyes,” written in the mirror literary technique, was also dedicated to his beloved Mina:

Two Beautiful Eyes

Two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child
In two beautiful eyes – music, rays.
They don’t want and they don’t promise…
My soul is praying,
My soul is praying!
Passions and miseries
Will throw tomorrow upon them
The veil of shame and sin
The veil of shame and sin
Will not throw upon them
Passions and miseries.
My soul is praying,
My soul is praying…
They don’t want and don’t promise!
Two beautiful eyes. Music, rays.
In two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child.

Община Чирпан 2

Later on he met Lora, the daughter of statesman Petko Karavelov. They were married, and the letters correspondence between them was considered evidence of their ardent and vivid love, and thus different from the relationship Yavorov had with Mina Todorova.

To Lora
by Peyo Yavorov

My soul is grief. My soul is call.
Because I am a bird picked off:
To death is doomed my wounded soul —
Soul wounded by the love.
My soul is grief. My soul is call.
Tell me what are meeting and send-off.
I tell you – there are hell and woe
and in the woe there’s also love!

Mirages are close, distant — the streets.
Surprised she’s smiling with the joy
of ignorance and youngster’s greed,
of sultry flesh and airy ghost.
Mirages are close, distant — the streets
when she is standing in aureoles.
She never hears who calls and grieves —
she — flesh and airy ghost…

Mina Todorova

Yavorov and Karavelova had a very turbulent marriage. Yavorov was very popular at that time and had many female admirers, which provoked Lora’s jealousy. They often had heated quarrels with Lora blaming Yavorov that he did not love her enough.

In November 1913 a fatal tragedy befell the family – after a quarrel Lora committed suicide. The same night Yavorov also made an attempt on his own life, which left him almost blind. He then treated his eyesight in Vienna. However, Yavorov was unable to survive his wife’s death. Society considered him Lora’s murderer. Investigations into the allegation were carried out. As a result Yavorov collapsed mentally and shot himself in 1914.

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