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Free Download : The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing دانلود رایگان : هنر و شناخت زیبایی بوکس

The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing

Free Download : The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing

دانلود رایگان : هنر و شناخت زیبایی بوکس

All sports involve opposition, to a degree. And all games involve play. But in no sport is illusion as essential a feature of opposition and play as in boxing, where blood-smeared combatants insist on embrace, the wounded strut with cocky stances, and crafty prizefighters feign fatigue, luring adversaries into defenseless positions of prey. The fortunes of fighters turn quickly.
A boxer who one second looks spent might rebound with a fatal combination the next. A veteran champion can at any moment walk into a jab and be dethroned by an unranked kid. Time and habits take their toll on all of us,
but perhaps on boxers more than most.
Some armchair roughnecks go to fights to smell meat. But there was a time when the first whiff you got at a prizefight was of lipstick and smoke, mink and Cadillac. Madonna’s bedroom is a boxing hall of fame, wallpapered with photographs of boxers. Muhammad Ali’s is in t he place of honor. It is signed, “Madonna — we’re the greatest!” — a poignant reminder of what time can do to a famous act. Emily Dickinson is an unlikely bedfellow to put wit h Madonna and Ali, but in her peculiar way, she knew about this business, too. A century before Ali coined his famous slogan “dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” Dickinson was writing boxers’ and divas’ fortunes:
Fame is a bee.
It has a song —
It has a sting —
Ah, too, it has a wing.
A good boxer knows how to fake. He shadows, ducks, feints. Sets left; throws right. Clinches and breaks. Circles one way, then reverses. Switchhits. His body language is plain to see but dif ficult to read. Some movements are calculated to forbid, others to lure. Let me embrace you that I might hurt you. Difficult lover. But if boxing is one of the most illusory and least verbal of athletic endeavors, it is arguably the form of physical culture on which the most artistic talent has been spent, the most poetic expression has been generated, and the most theoretical discourse is still being produced, as you are about to learn. I would even claim that boxing has given literature as many great novels as baseball, cinema more classic films than football, and criticism more meaningful essays than tennis. But this has much more to do with boxing inspiring ringside artists and writers than with poets and painters actually going at it. ok, Georges Braque loosened up with a sandbag in the morning, and Picasso is said to have enjoyed boxing — but only until André Derain showed him that the game isn’t just about hitting, but getting hit. …..


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