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Free Download : Regulation of Boxing دانلود رایگان : مقررات بوکس

Regulation of Boxing

Free Download : Regulation of Boxing

دانلود رایگان : مقررات بوکس

The history of boxing regulations is as chaotic as the sport itself. There are numerous versions of boxing’s origins. The task of outlining the regulatory history of the sport is complicated, as scholars of the sport do not universally agree upon dates, names and locations. The historical review that follows is an outline of the major regulatory developments of the sport based upon my discerning interpretation of the historical evidence to provide context for my analysis of present-day boxing regulations in the United States.
Some historians view the genesis of boxing as arising over six thousand years ago among the Sumerian people in southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq and Syria).
What is certain is that boxers are depicted on the tombs of Mery-Ra in the El-Minia Governorate (northern Egypt) and in the Mastaba tomb of Ptah Hotep in Saqqara (near Cairo) from the time of the pharaohs (3580 B.C.) in Ancient Egyptian civilization.
Evidence of men fighting one another for prizes can be found in Book 23 of Homer’s Iliad, produced in the 8th century B.C., depicting events from 1200–900 B.C. in Ancient Greece.
The Greeks introduced the sport, then called pankration, into the Ancient Olympics in 632 B.C.
A wine jar found in Etruria (present-day Italy) dating from 510–500 B.C. depicts two boxers being observed by an umpire and a boy holding a sponge and an oil flask.
The illustration of the umpire is significant, as it is evidence that the competition was organized and regulated…….


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