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دانلود رایگان کتاب گرامر ضروری زبان اسپانیایی , Spanish – An Essential Grammar

دانلود رایگان کتاب گرامر ضروری  زبان اسپانیایی Spanish – An Essential Grammar

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Due to recent changes, the composition of the Spanish alphabet today is more like English and other Romance languages. Because older reference works used a different system of classification, a few words of explanation may be helpful.
Until 1994, chand ll were considered to be separate letters in the Spanish alphabet. Consequently, in dictionaries and word lists there were separate listings for words beginning with each of them, after cand l respectively.
Likewise, this alphabetical order was observed when those letters occurred within  words,  with  the  result  that cocha would  be  listed  after  all  other words beginning with coc-, and callada aftercalzo. In 1994, under international  pressure  and  the  impact  of  computer  sorting  programs,  the Association of Academies of Spanish adopted the internationally accepted standard of alphabetical order, no longer considering chand ll to be separate letters. However, as a distinctive feature of the language, Spanish still considers ñto be a separate letter. Dictionaries, therefore, still retain a separate listing for the few words beginning with ñ(after those beginning with n) and this order is preserved when ñoccurs within words (cañabeing listed after canzonetista).

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