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A Poem by Khalil Gibran : Vision X


Vision X

There in the middle of the field, by the side of a crystalline stream, I saw a bird-cage
whose rods and hinges were fashioned by an expert’s hands. In one corner lay a dead
bird, and in another were two basins — one empty of water and the other of seeds. I
stood there reverently, as if the lifeless bird and the murmur of the water were worthy
of deep silence and respect — something worth of examination and meditation by the
heard and conscience.

As I engrossed myself in view and thought, I found that the poor creature had died of
thirst beside a stream of water, and of hunger in the midst of a rich field, cradle of life;
like a rich man locked inside his iron safe, perishing from hunger amid heaps of gold.

Before my eyes I saw the cage turned suddenly into a human skeleton, and the dead
bird into a man’s heart which was bleeding from a deep wound that looked like the lips
of a sorrowing woman. A voice came from that wound saying, “I am the human heart,
prisoner of substance and victim of earthly laws.

“In God’s field of Beauty, at the edge of the stream of life, I was imprisoned in the cage
of laws made by man.

“In the center of beautiful Creation I died neglected because I was kept from enjoying
the freedom of God’s bounty.

“Everything of beauty that awakens my love and desire is a disgrace, according to
man’s conceptions; everything of goodness that I crave is but naught, according to his

“I am the lost human heart, imprisoned in the foul dungeon of man’s dictates, tied with
chains of earthly authority, dead and forgotten by laughing humanity whose tongue is
tied and whose eyes are empty of visible tears.”

All these words I heard, and I saw them emerging with a stream of ever thinning blood
from that wounded heart.

More was said, but my misted eyes and crying should prevented further sight or



Khalil Gibran

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