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Alkaline Detoxification


Alkaline Detoxification

Have you thought of alkalizing your diet? You can start alkalizing your diet by increasing the amount of acidic food you consume and therefore increasing the amount of high alkaline food in your regular diet. If you want to do this, you need to:
1.Cut out animal proteins such as lamb, chicken, pork, beef, fish and eggs.
2.Cut our grains such as rye, oats, millet, quinoa, wheat, barley and rice
3.Cut out dairy products as much as you can.

Start eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Include more leafy greens in your diet. Alkaline detoxification is actually based on healthy natural food and decrease of daily fat intake.
There are some basic rules you need to follow if you want to get the best out of the alkaline detoxification. If you don’t follow the rules, the alkaline detoxification won’t be successful. These rules include drinking lots of water, green juices, avoiding alcoholic beverages, caffeine, nicotine, sugar and preservatives.
When you start with the alkaline detoxification it will make you feel better immediately. If you have imbalanced pH levels, this alkaline detoxification will make those symptoms go away. It will also make you feel healthier than before doing the alkaline detoxification.
Among the many other benefits of alkaline detoxification, it will significantly decrease your daily intake of calories and fats, which in the further phases of the alkaline detoxification will result in weight loss. You will feel full of energy, your skin will look rejuvenated, your concentration will be improved…

Here are some types of alkaline foods:
• Algae
• Parsley
• Papaya
• Oranges
• Olives
• Spinach
• Lemon
• Green figs
• Nuts
• Turnip
• Leafy greens
• Vegetables
• Fruit juices
Make your own combination of the foods listed above and consume them whenever you feel hungry. The alkaline detoxification is meant to last 1 – 5 days depending on the person’s endurance.

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