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Los Caracoles Pass , The Snails Pass in English , گذرگاه حلزون

جاده ای در کوهستان های آند ما بین کشورهای آرژانتین و شیلی با پیچ های تند و شیب زیاد که در اکثر مواقع سال پوشیده از برف است . جاده ای زیبا ودرعین حال خطرناک

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‘Los Caracoles Pass, Chile/Argentina’ (The Snails Pass in English)
Passing through the harsh terrain of the Andres Mountains, Los Caracoles Pass is one of the most challenging roads to navigate. The road has countless hard switchbacks on an extremely steep incline and numerous hairpins without any safety guard rails to stop you hurtling off the side. Despite sounding rather hazardous, it actually has a very strong safety record.

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