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Thai spicy fried rice

Thai spicy fried rice

Thai spicy fried rice

Cooking time : 45 Mins-Large Tray
Serves  10

Ingredients :

Day old Rice
3 1/2 lbs thin sliced Beef-filet mignon or rib eye
3 red bell peppers
2 packages of mushrooms
4-5 eggs
scallions chopped (green onion)
4 shallots chopped (small purple onions)
1 pre-packaged peeled garlic (minced)
Crushed Thai dried red chile pepper
Olive Oil
Fish sauce
Soy sauce (any kind)
4 fresh limes
2-3 packaged thai basil leaves

Preparation :

To start out, you will need to cook a pot of day old rice. When cooking the rice, make it on the dry side instead of being moist. Set the rice aside in a large foiled tray and refrigerate overnight.

Marinating the Beef:

Take the beef and cut it into thin slices against the grain. Place the beef into a large metal bowl and add 1/3 of garlic (minced), 2 tbspn olive oil, 1 tbspn crushed black pepper, 1 tbspn crushed red thai chile peppers, 1 tspn soy sauce, 1 tbspn fish sauce, 2 1/2 tbsn sugar, 3 stems of basil leaves (remove the stems). Stir all of the ingredients together with the beef thoroughly. Set the beef aside at room temperature for 20-35 mins.

Slicing the Veggies: Please wash everything carefully

Handle the mushrooms carefully and cut them semi-thin. Do the same with the red bell peppers, but slice them jillian style. Set them aside in a bowl and season with 1 tblspn of thai crushed chile peppers.


Take the 4-5 eggs and crack them into a bowl. Mix and beat the eggs well while adding 1tspn of thai crushed chile pepper, 1 tspn of fish sauce, 1 tspn of sugar, 1 tspn of black pepper, 1 tbspn of scallions. Mix everything well and set aside in the fridge.


You must cook everything separately! After each step, place it into a large tray and keep the cooked food side by side, so you will have it handy when you place them back into the wok’d rice.

Mushrooms: Heat the wok on high and drizzle in 1 1/2 tbspn olive oil and 2 tbspn minced garlic. Throw in the mushrooms and stir around. Brown the mushrooms and add in 1 tspn fish sauce, 1tspn sugar, 1tspn crushed pepper.

Bell Peppers: Repeat the same as Mushrooms.

Eggs: Repeat the same, but you don’t have to season it, it should be pre-seasoned. Stir the eggs carefully until you notice it turn yellow, stir slowly to scramble. When you notice it almost cooked, remove the eggs and set aside. It should not be overly cooked because you will have to put them back into the fried rice.

Beef: Do the same with the beef (do not season, since it is already pre-seasoned) and don’t make it overly done. Keep the beef at medium rare, so that when you put it back into the rice later, it will be fully cooked, but not overly done.

You should have sauces and ingredients right next to you before you turn on the stove to make sure everything will be available at the moment, once the stove is turned on. PLEASE, remember that since this is a large tray of fried rice, you will cook everything in 3 parts. Take a large Wok and heat it until you see smoke rising. Add in 3 tbspn of olive oil and put the rice in immediately. Stir the rice up quickly. You will notice the rice will not be coated with enough oil, so drizzle in another 3-4 tbspn of olive oil on top of the rice and keep stirring quickly. Take 3-5 tbspn of minced garlic and add it into the rice. At this time you will keep stirring until the rice is turning brown (Not burnt..LOL). Once you see the rice turning brown add in 4tbsn of fish sauce, 2 tbspn soy sauce, 5 tbspn sugar, 1 squeezed lime, 2 tbspn thai crushed pepper and a handful of basil leaves immediately. Stir it all up for about 5 mins and you will smell the aromatics popping out everywhere. You’re doing a good job at this time. Now add the cooked 1/3 bell peppers, 1/3 mushrooms. Stir again and let it get mixed into the rice. Now add the beef and take some of the juices of the beef and add it in as well. Stir everything up for another 5-7 mins. At this point your almost done, nothing should be burnt. Now take about 4 tbspn of tomato puree and add it in. Mix well and you will notice that this will give the rice a new fresh color texture and taste. Lastly, take some more basil and a handful of scallions and mix it into the rice, mix it well and put the thai fried rice into a tray.

Repeat the same thing that you did and remember to cook e

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