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Six Signs of an Unhappy Marriage


Six Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

From the outside of your relationship and your partner looks fine. You still spend time to eat dinner together. But why is the attitude he be changed? Alert guys, so he could not be happier with this relationship. Consider the signs of an unhappy marriage.

1. Often buy Gadgets

By having a lot of gadgets means he can fill the void in his life. He found another happiness of another object, not from you. Gadgets help cover the inner feelings of uncertainty and loneliness.

2. Always Silent Moment Together

When you sit down at the table together and she did not speak a word, there is no two-way communication or cold, you should be wary. It could be that he does not feel happy in the relationship.

3. Do not Listen to You

No matter what you say, he has no interest to you. This is suspect, because the men who are happy with their partner would love to hear your story.

4. Frequently Mention the Name of Another Woman

Be careful ladies if the couple began frequent name calling or telling another woman, does not mean he’s open. But he became interested in other women, but he expressed in more subtle ways.

5. Being Annoying

Normally she be warm and caring with you. But as time goes by instead he often makes you upset. He rarely touch even lazy to meet you.

6. Nothing New

Each relationship is certainly needed something new to avoid monotony. For example by undergoing a new activity together or doing fun things. If he continues to do the same routine with no new innovations, it could be he got bored with the relationship.
Is your partner happy with the relationship now?

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