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Spiral Galaxy NGC 2336

Spiral Galaxy NGC 2336

Spiral Galaxy NGC 2336

NGC 2336 is a ringed, barred spiral galaxy (SBbc R) in the constellation Camelopardalis, Surface brightness is 14.4 magnitude. Super Nova 1987L occurred in this galaxy. Red shift distance is 101 Mly , 110 million light years away. Tight spiral arms contain bursts  of star formation.

The many delicate spiral arms of NGC 2336 give it the appearance of regal, understated beauty. The central region sports a bar in which stars orbit the center of the galaxy, not in circles as do the stars in the outer arms- but instead in “figure eights” and more complicated weave-like patterns along the axis of the bar. This galaxy is one of the largest in the direction of Polaris .

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