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NGC 2500 : A barred spiral galaxy

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NGC 2500 : A barred spiral galaxy

NGC 2500 (PGC 22525) Discovered (Mar 9, 1788) by William Herschel is a nearby low surface brightness face on spiral galaxy in central Lynx. NGC 2500 is “faint, large, round, very gradually brighter middle, mottled but not resolved, among stars”. The position precesses to RA 08 01 56.6, Dec +50 45 06, a little over an arcmin northeast of the center of the galaxy, but still within its outline, so the identification is certain. Based on a recessional velocity of 505 km/sec, NGC 2500 is about 24 million light years away, but for small distances peculiar (non-Hubble expansion) velocities can significantly affect the accuracy of such distance estimates. As it happens, the only redshift-independent distance estimate isn’t much larger — just 33 million years — so the galaxy is probably between 25 and 30 million light years away.

Using the non redshift value of 33 million light-years the galaxy is about 38,000 light-years in diameter. A only slightly smaller than average spiral. But this includes the very faint outlying regions. If limited to the bright portion then it is much smaller at 22,500 light-years. If the redshift distance is used it is slightly smaller yet.

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