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Free Download of : When The Domino Falls – Patricia Jackson



Free Download of : When The Domino Falls – Patricia Jackson

“Kaine!” Karl Ancher’s voice boomed over the shrill whine of a defective exhaust rocket.
Anticipating trouble, technicians and tourists paused to watch, snarling the flow of traffic through Omman’s hectic starport.
Beside him, Drake Paulsen flinched, startled by the harsh quality of the Corellian’s voice. Embarrassed by the sudden focus of attention, the 15-year-old Socorran groaned, covering his face with the wide, black collar of his desert duster. Ahead of them, he recognized his father’s lean figure, framed by the battered hull of their freighter, Miss Chance. The outdated YT-1300 sat alone on a private mooring dock, shadowed by the mammoth starport generators.
Shirtless except for a hand-tooled leather vest, Kaine Paulsen’s lean, muscular frame glistened with sweat. A repulsorlift cargo bed full of unmarked crates sat beneath the freighter’s hull where he had left them. “How are you, Lom?” he asked playfully, using Drake’s Coynite name.
“Ancher’s on the war path,” Drake whispered. “What’s going on?”
Troubled by the haunted rings beneath his son’s eyes, Kaine whispered, “Don’t worry,” affectionately caressing Drake’s neck and shoulders. Then he coolly met the Corellian’s ruthless gaze. “Ancher. I’ve been expecting you. Thanks for bringing Drake along.”
Cold recognition fluttered in the old smuggler’s eyes. “Damn right you’ve been expecting me! If you thought I was going to stand by and watch you make the biggest, dumbest mistake of your life, then you don’t think very much of me, Kaine Paulsen!” Gathering his wits and
his breath, Ancher snapped his fingers in Kaine’s face. “I didn’t waste my time and learning to see you go soft on refugees trying to homestead on some miserable, forgotten rock! Lofahchu ets pyroni vyoryn viske!” he grumbled, slipping into a dialect of Old Corellian……..


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