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Free Download of : Uhl Eharl Khoehng – Patricia Jackson

Uhl Eharl Khoehng - Patricia JacksonUhl Eharl Khoehng - Patricia Jackson-1


Free Download of : Uhl Eharl Khoehng – Patricia Jackson

Twin tridents of lightning surged across the low-lying skies of Iscera. The congested atmosphere bled through in clotted tones of red and orange, as volatile gases reacted with the charged violence of the storm. Torrential gusts of wind and wet snow buffeted the hull of the Prodigal, layering the freighter with a secondary armor plate of thick ice. Bearing no exterior signature or running lights, the YT-1300 sat alone on an exposed pad, isolated from the main traffic of the Iscerian spaceport.
Lightning briefly illuminated the interior of the Prodigal’s bridge. Fable Astin sat tentatively, contemplating the storm. Exhausted and sickened, the young Jedi ran her fingers through the matted tangle of her hair, draping the unruly mane over her shoulders.
The tapered waistline of her flight jacket accentuated her slender waist and the lengthy lines of her legs and thighs. She winced irritably, shifting position to relieve the pinch of her gray pirate leggings, which had gathered in the backs of her knees. The slight motion rattled the heavy blaster at her hip and caused the lightsaber to fall into the cushion beside her.
Fable flipped the comm switch for the tenth time, waiting for the computer to bring up the stored message from the ship’s logs. The featureless image emerged from the mini-holovid, realigning itself into the face and upper torso of a woman. Prematurely gray with the
burden of command, auburn hair curled at the shoulders of her uniform, which bore the insignia of a Rebel Alliance officer. “Greetings Captain Astin and to your Harrier
Infiltration team. This is Commander Beatonn of the Rebel frigate, V’nnuk’rk.” Beatonn paused briefly, interrupted by the distant blare of a proximity alarm. “Your objective is very clear, captain. The Empire has begun construction on a communications bunker on Nysza III. Your orders are to destroy the bunker before it can be completed. Good luck, captain, and may the Force be with you. ” The holo-communication ended amid static discharge and interference.


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