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Free Download of : Turning Point – Charlene Newcomb

Mission To Zila -Charlene Newcomb


Free Download of : Turning Point – Charlene Newcomb

Twin moons hung majestically in the evening sky over the Locura Ocean. The orbs lit the coastline, softly illuminating the Tahika Cliffs and creating what appeared to be an air of tranquility.
A gentle breeze brushed the face of the tall, dark-haired young man who leaned against the balcony rail on the clifftop. Dair Haslip knew that breeze only added to the illusion of calm. For closer to the water, treacherous winds and unforgiving surf pummelled the cliffs.
Dair loved this place on his homeworld more than any other. Here he’d found solace in times of despair. He’d found inspiration. And now that he was preparing to leave Garos IV for the first time, he wanted every detail – – the surf, the winds, the cliffs, the moons – – etched into his memory. It might be a long time before he came home.
He’d grown up along these cliffs – – he looked south toward the point – – the lights of his grandmother’s home were barely visible. He thought of Jos, his best friend, and the times they’d hiked the hill-sides using those lights as a beacon to guide them home. On nights just like this one, they’d planned their futures together at the Raithal Academy – – Dair shook his head glumly. Jos wouldn’t be leaving with him now. The Empire did not look favorably upon someone whose father was wanted for treasonous crimes. Why did things have to turn out like this, he wondered?
Searching for an answer among the stars, Dair gazed skyward. There was no answer for Jos.
But what Dair did see there filled his heart with pride.
Silhouetted against one moon, the Imperial Lambda-class shuttle descended through wispy…….
clouds. It glided effortlessly toward the spaceport south of Ariana. That shuttle, and the
Empire it represented, meant more to him now that he’d been accepted into the Academy. And
with the Empire’s interest in Garos IV growing more in evidence each day, there were
promises of increased prosperity and jobs for Garosians, opportunities for young men like


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