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Free Download of : The Breath Of Gelgelar – Jean Rabe



Free Download of : The Breath Of Gelgelar – Jean Rabe

The young Glarsaur stood on its hind legs at the base of a maugesh tree, its belly brushing up against the knotty trunk, its dark eyes trained on the large, plump reeho overhead. The bird was a precious bit of sunlight come to life – – an orange and yellow splash amidst the never-ending green of the swamp planet Gelgelar.
The reeho was oblivious to the young Glarsaur; it was watching the two dozen adults in the clearing a few meters away. Nearly the size of men, the Glarsaurs resembled common curly-tailed lizards, with human-like front limbs that ended in formidable claws. They were covered from their spiky pates to their webbed toes with dull green scales that rendered them essentially invisible in the foliage. Their undersides provided the only contrast – – segmented plates, smooth and shiny and the shade of wet earth.
The Glarsaurs were arguing about the Sullustans living in the nearby farming settlement.
They were hissing about where to lay their traps and what to use as bait to lure the wide-eyed men into the embrace of the trees.
To the young Glarsaur intent on the orange bird, the discussion seemed meaningless. What did it matter what bait was used – – fat monkeys, iquazards, crelnuts – – food was food, with the exception of the beautiful reeho. The Glarsaur began to climb. Just under the bird’s eyes were feathers as red as one of the planet’s rare sunsets. Its beak was black as night, like its eyes, and its feet were gray, the color of the clouds that almost perpetually shielded the swamp world. The young Glarsaur decided to pluck the bird before eating it, keeping some of the striking feathers to affix to a spear…….


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