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Free Download of : Side Trip – Part 3 Michael Stackpole

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Free Download of : Side Trip – Part 3 Michael Stackpole

Propelled by a poke in the kidneys with a blaster carbine, Corran Horn stumbled into the makeshift cell. He got control of himself fast enough to avoid bumping into his father and turned back quickly, but Jodo Kast swung the wrought-iron gate shut. That effectively sealed the two Horns in a small, dusty grotto that had once been home to a fine collection of wines from throughout the Empire. At least that’s the impression I get from all the broken bottle bits on the floor. Corran skewered Kast with the nastiest stare he could muster. “This isn’t over between us Kast.” The bounty hunter regarded Corran placidly, but the trio of Zekka Thyne’s henchmen forcing the other man and the Tunroth into a second grotto across the cellar laughed out loud. Their leader, the beefy; red-haired man who had given Corran the shove, sneered at the undercover Corellian Security Force officer. “You’re strictly small time, pal. The boss isn’t going to give you a crack at this guy. I’ll be the one to take care of you.” “Oh?” Corran gave the man a fetal grin. “I didn’t realize Thyne was into doing favors for the hired help. You’re welcome to try me any time.” “He won’t get the chance.” Kast’s voice came low and cold. “I’ve put up with your prattling and bragging and threats, Corran, and I am not of a mind to let someone else eliminate annoyances from my life.” The armored mercenary pointed a finger at the redheaded man. “Touch him and I will consider it a matter of honor to turn you inside out.” The redhead paled. “Yes, sir.” Another of Thyne’s Black Sun underlings closed the other gate and secured it. “They’re in. Wanna threaten any of them, Nidder?” The redhead frowned……..



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