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Free Download of : Shadows Of Darkness – Charlene Newcomb

Shadows Of Darkness - Charlene Newcomb


Free Download of : Shadows Of Darkness – Charlene Newcomb


The scene had become all too familiar in the city of Ariana. Six stormtroopers emerged from the transport. They moved efficiently up the old stone stepsto the house. Blaster rifles were ready for any sign of trouble. TK-121 glancedat his comrades and nodded his head. He blasted the door and four of the troopers burst into the house.Its occupants had been asleep, but were jolted awake by the sound of thedoor being destroyed. Carl Barzon appeared at his bedroom door.”What is the meaning of this?” he demanded as TK-718 pushed past him into the bedroom.”Let me go!” his son demanded, fighting against two troopers who draggedhim from another room.”No one else here, sir,” TK-718 reported.”All right. Put him on the transport,” TK-121 ordered.”Where are you taking my son?” Dr. Barzon asked. “He has done nothing wrong!”The stormtroopers ignored Barzon’s pleas as Cord Barzon was roughly escorted from the house. The younger man saw the pain in his father’s eyes.”Father, don’t worry. It will be all right,” he called back to him. Barzon watched in horror as they took his only family away. He’d never felt so helpless. Leaning against the door frame, he watched the transport pull away and realized how ironic it was that the Imperials had arrested his son. Cord, a studentat the university where Barzon taught and conducted research, had never been involved in underground resistance activities here on Garos. And he didn’t even suspect his father’s role with that group. Dr. Barzon always anticipated stormtroopers would show up at his door one day – – but to arrest him, not his son……….


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