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How Old Is Tehran

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How Old Is Tehran?

A mysterious skeleton discovered in Tehran last year proved the city is much more ancient than first thought.
Archaeology student Mahsa Vahabi discovered pottery buried beneath Molavi Street near Tehran’s Grand Bazaar last November.
Further excavations revealed the skeleton, which was later dated to approximately 5,000 BC.
Now experts have reconstructed the face of the 7,000-year-old remains to reveal the Iranian capital’s oldest known resident for the first time.
According to their reconstruction, she had a strong rounded chin, large lips and black hair.
The researchers scanned eleven specific points on the woman’s skull as well as using data from modern faces to generate the likeness, which one expert believes is 95 per cent accurate.
Mohammad Reza Rokni, an expert at the country’s Archaeology Research Centre, created a 3D model of the skeleton.
No trace of hair was found with the skeleton so the team drew on local people’s appearance to guide them.
They also used images from pottery found in Cheshmeh Ali, a late Neolithic and Chalcolithic village in northern Iran to come up with the woman’s hairstyle
Mohammad Esmail Esmaili Jolodar, who originally led the excavation, said: ‘The remarkable find has pushed the history of residence in Tehran back to 7,000 years ago.
Archaeologists believe people lived in the area that’s now Tehran since Neolithic times.
There is evidence that people have lived in Tehran for 7,000 years.
In the mid 16th century king Tahmasb I built houses, gardens and towers to protect the city and its merchants.
After centuries of upheaval and the building of royal residences, Tehran had grown to be home to 250,000 people by 1900.

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