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Free Download of : Rendezvous With Destiny – Charlene Newcomb



Free Download of : Rendezvous With Destiny – Charlene Newcomb


The walls were a weary shade of gray and bare of ornamentation. Stale air whistled through ancient ventilation systems. This place had not seen the light of day in more than a millennia.
Alex Winger propped her elbows on the table, resting her head in her hands. How long had she been here? Four hours? Eight?
Her blue eyes shifted to the vid monitors suspended from the ceiling. She wondered who had been watching the earlier interrogation and her reaction to this isolation. Would they believe her story?
The door slid open. Two men, dressed in uniforms of the New Republic military, entered the room and sat down across from her. The lieutenant fidgeted slightly in his chair, obviously inexperienced in these matters. The major was expressionless, his eyes transfixed on Alex. She could sense that he remained skeptical of her story.
“All right, Miss Winger,” the major said, slowly enunciating each word. “Tell me about this secret Imperial research facility one more time.”
Alex met his gaze, trying to bury her growing impatience. She calmly explained – – it had to be at least the fourth time – – that her comrade, a research scientist named Carl Barzon, had been taken to the secret base. And that ore, mined on her homeworld of Garos IV, was being shipped there. The location of the base remained shrouded behind a veil of
Imperial secrecy that her friends in the Garosian resistance had been unable to penetrate…….


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