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Free Download: One Of A Kind – Paul Danner



Free Download: One Of A Kind – Paul Danner


It had been a really bad day.
Sconn sipped the Venaarian Cringe-Ale and one of his eyes was forced closed by the bitter taste of the yellowish liquid. He wondered if the “cringe” was supposed to come from the drink itself, or the obscene amount of credits the wake-up juice cost. That’s the price you pay for wild nights, he thought.
With a shrug, he took another swallow and scanned the Binary Bar’s late afternoon crowd.
Sconn noted that he merged seamlessly with it, which for a thief was a good thing, especially on an Imperially held world like Venaari. If nobody could remember your face, they couldn’t give the authorities a good description…
Sconn prided himself on his skill as a social chameleon, but at the same time it annoyed him. The thief enjoyed being the center of attention, preferring to stand out, especially in the faceless parade of fearful drones that the Empire so enjoyed turning the local populaces into. At the present time, however, he could ill afford nonconformity. The current lack of business was making his credits disappear faster than an Imperial slaver at a Wookiee family reunion.
Sconn was also running out of time. The rent on his apartment was due by the next morning and his Devaronian landlord didn’t take excuses just solid Imperial credits. Sconn needed a job and he needed one fast…
“Times are tough,” he whispered into his mug, “when the greatest thief in this whole
sector can’t find work.”………


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