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This is the perfect solution for killing germs on public toilet door handles

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This is the perfect solution for killing germs on public toilet door handles

The door handles of public toilets are probably one of the dirtiest spots in the universe. The average public toilet door handle contains 1,000 colony-forming units per milliliter of infection-causing bacteria, and I can tell you this is a lot.
So, wouldn’t it be great if these festering germ-repositories had some kind of antibacterial mechanism? Well, this is exactly what two Hong Kong teens thought, when they invented a self-sanitizing door handle that harnesses kinetic energy from door movement.
Sun Ming Wong(17) and King Pong Li(18) developed an antibacterial door handle that generates all the energy it needs to sanitize itself from the movement of the door. Titanium oxide is considered one of the best antibacterial agents, so the two inventors decided to coat the handle with the mineral, to work in conjunction with UV exposure – titanium dioxide is more efficient when exposed to UV rays.
For a continuous supply of UV, the handle was designed in the shape of a long cylinder of clear glass. This cylinder is held on both ends by metal brackets. An LED is incorporated within the handle, emitting the UV light. To power this LED, the door handle features a gearbox that harnesses the kinetic energy from the movement of the door. Pretty amazing right? Furthermore, it even looks pretty awesome and sci-fi-ish.
In the lab test, the system was able to kill about 99.8 percent of the germs. , which is about 98 percent more than what’s present on any random handle you’ve fondled in the last 48 hours. Just think about it, we’ll wait.
Wanna hear the best part? Well, it turns out that creating a single unit will cost about $13. In short it’s not a high price to make sure every time someone touches the handle it gets sanitized immediately.
SOURCE: Planet Custodian

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