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Free Download of : Mist Encounter-Timothy Zahn

Mist Encounter-Timothy Zahn


Free Download of : Mist Encounter-Timothy Zahn

The last two jumps had been marginal, skating the Starwayman right to the edge of known space and even a little bit past it. The theory, at least as far as Booster Terrik’s fatigue-fogged mind could remember, was that no commander would be crazy enough to risk a Victory-class Star Destroyer chasing a nobody smuggler into uncharted territory.
So far the theory hadn’t worked. Maybe third time would be the lucky charm they so desperately needed.
Or maybe third time would bring the Starwayman out of hyperspace just in time to smash itself all over a planetary-sized mass. There were reasons why jumping blind into unknown space was considered to be a stupid idea.
Beside Terrik, his Borlovian partner Llollulion gave a five-tiered whistle. “Yeah, okay, ”
Terrik said, getting a grip on the hyperdrive levers and trying not to think about the unknown star system and its unknown planetary-sized masses directly ahead of them. “Let’s see if maybe they were smart enough to give up this time. ”
He pushed the levers forward, and the mottled sky of hyperspace faded into starlines and then into a starry sky. Directly ahead, the system’s star was a tiny distant disk blazing with yellow-white light. Bracing himself, Terrik peered into the aft display:
And with a flicker of pseudomotion, the Star Destroyer appeared behind them. Terrik sighed, too exhausted even to swear. So that was that. He couldn’t lose the Star Destroyer, he couldn’t outrun it, and he sure as mynocks couldn’t outfight it. The options had squeezed down to surrendering, or getting summarily blown to atoms.
He could only hope that the latter option wasn’t the only one the commander back there was interested in……..


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