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Free Download of : Command Decision – Timothy Zahn

 Command Decision - Timothy Zahn


Free Download of : Command Decision – Timothy Zahn


 They had left the Core Worlds a dozen jumps ago, setting off across the Outer Rim Territories with its barbarians and non-human monsters and thinly-veiled contempt for the glory and benevolence that was the Empire. Four jumps ago they had left behind even that pale caricature of civilization to enter the sparsely charted region called Wild Space.
Now, with this final jump, the Imperial Star DestroyerAdmonitor had left even that behind.
Ahead of them lay the Unknown Regions. Behind them lay the Empire. And, for all practical purposes, the ruins of their careers.
“Forward sensors reporting, Captain, ” an officer called from the starboard crew pit. “No signs of spacecraft. ”
“Acknowledged, ” Captain Dagon Niriz said, glowering out the bridge viewport at the dull red sun glowing in the near distance. The dying embers of a once glorious star. How very symbolic. “Launch TIE fighter squadron, ” he ordered. “As per the admiral’s orders. ”
“Yes, sir. ” There was a footstep beside him. “Well, there it is, ” General Larr Haverel commented. “Our new tour of duty. Looks so very inviting, doesn’t it. ”
“Looks so very like slow death, ” Niriz said bluntly.……


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