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Free Download of : A Bitter Winter – Patricia Jackson



Free Download of : A Bitter Winter – Patricia Jackson

In the unrelenting glare of Tatooine’s twin suns, the Dune Sea appeared to be ablaze. Featureless interruptions of hardened loam and a massive expanse of desert swells created an infinite canopy of thermal combs. A low-lying wind blew across the dune crests, persistently pushing grit and sand into the Steadfast’s docking boots.
On the advent of evening, the temperature pressed the indicator scales beyond maximum, stifling an anxious Drake Paulsen as he paced in the shadow of his Ghtroc light freighter, the Steadfast. Agitated, he snatched at the sleeves of his flight jacket and threw it up the ramp into the corridor. It was little comfort against the hot winds. The young Socorran brushed his hands through a shaggy brown mane of loose curls, subsequently fingering the golden earring at his left lobe.
Blowing in from the deep desert, the direction of the wind shifted abruptly. Like most of Tatooine, this particular place had no name, no merit, only a set of coordinates which had reached him through the trusted mouths of fellow smugglers. Get to Tatooine; a friend of
your father’s is in trouble. Precise coordinates and vector planes had followed. Conveying an urgency that went beyond its cryptic meaning, the information had been in Socorran, meticulously rehearsed by those ignorant of the language. Responding to that call, Drake had traveled half-way across the galaxy, arriving only moments before the prescribed hour…….




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