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Raphaelo Biscuit Cake

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Raphaelo Biscuit Cake

Raphaelo biscuit cake is probably one of the easiest cakes. You have to try it yourself and build your own experience. Light, tasty and aromatic, and in combination with how quickly and easily it is prepared, I think this cake will be a real hit!
No mixer is needed to make the cake. And the cake is without eggs. I recommend you to melt butter and chocolate separately and, when completely cooled mix them.

Ingredients for cake with diameter 22 cm:

320 g biscuits with butter
Milk 1-2 caps Rum (optional)

Cream products:

125 g quality softened butter
200 g white chocolate
400 g sour cream
200 ml cream pastry
1/2 lemon zest
1 vanilla
100 g coconut


3 pcs. roses
3 pc. Raffaello candies
little whipped cream
150-180 g coconut


Start with the cream.
Melt the butter in a water bath. Cool it. Melt in a water bath and the white chocolate and cool it, then mix them. Add a spoonful of sour cream parts and mix well with it. Grate the zest, add vanilla and coconut. Finally beat the cream to snow and gently stir in the cream with a spatula. Do not use mixer. The cream is ready.
Prepare a bowl of milk for watering cookies and a bottle of rum.
Get a pad or tray, which will serve cake. Put the ring and fix the diameter. Apply a little of the cream on the bottom. Dip cookies in milk and arrange them close to each other on the bottom. A diameter of 22 cm collected 19 cookies per line. Spray with rum.
Put a layer of cream and soaked in milk biscuits, then sprinkle with rum. Again, layer cream biscuits soaked in milk and rum and finish with cream. Level the cake and store in the fridge to tighten overnight. Cream tightens very well. In the morning, spend slightly wet, warm knife around the edge of the ring and then remove it. Leveled with a knife, if necessary.
Beat a little cream to snow and put 1 big spoon of it in the center of the cake. Cut roses under color while keeping a small portion of the handles (wrap it in foil) and spearing them in the cream and gently into the cake to be firmly. Put one, two petals. Decorate with Raphaelo candy, then sprinkle the sides and the entire cake with plenty of coconut. Gently tap hands to smooth. The cake is ready!

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