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How To Recognize Skin Cancer – This Could Save Your Life


How To Recognize Skin Cancer – This Could Save Your Life!

The ABCDEs of Detecting Melanoma

A lot of people each year are diagnosed with skin cancer all over the world. There are more people diagnosed with kind of disease than with those of prostate, lung, breast and colon cancers combined.
At some point in their lives one of five Americans will get a skin cancer. So recognizing the early signs of this kind of disease will surely make a difference between life and death. You should look for:

1. Asymmetric or irregular shape of the moles, considering the normal is those with symmetric and round shape.

2. Those moles that have interrupted, uneven or unequal borders.

3. Multiple color moles, like brown, gray, black or blue. Normal moles are with one color.

4. Size of the mole that is bigger than quarter inch in diameter.

5. Those moles that change shape, color and size throughout life.

For any kind of suspicion the best thing to do first is check with your physician.

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