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Native American Stories : The Ant And The Grasshopper


Tales of the North American Indians

The Ant And The Grasshopper

Grasshopper lived with the people who were busy catching and curing salmon. They said to him, “Come help us. It is the salmon season. We must all work, that we may have a plentiful store of salmon for the winter.” Grasshopper answered, “No, I do not like to work. I like to amuse myself playing, jumping, and making a noise. I do not need salmon. I like to eat grass, of which there is great plenty all around here.” Soon winter came, and the grass was all covered deep with snow. Then Grasshopper was cold and hungry. Finding nothing to eat, and being in a starving condition, he begged the people to give him some dried salmon. This they refused to do, telling him to go and play, and eat grass. When he was nearly dead, they transformed him, saying, “Henceforth you shall be the grasshopper and, as you were too lazy and thoughtless to catch salmon, you shall live on grass, and spend your time jumping around and making much noise.”

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