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Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Things


Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Things

It is estimated that the human brain generates approximately up to 70,000 thoughts a day. The 95% of these thoughts are the same thoughts we had the previous day. The result is that these repeated and successive thoughts create neural pathways in the brain, built in the form of beliefs. Then we begin to believe what we think and our faith becomes belief.

What Is Belief?

The word ‘belief’ comes from the verb ‘believe’, which means that I am convinced for something.
It is our internal confirmation that what we see, do and feel is real and substantial.

How They Affect Us?

The human brain works and acts according to the beliefs that is hosting, customizing everything around them.
For example if someone has the belief that he is not able to succeed in anything, then his mind, do everything to confirm his belief, until it succeeds.
Then his beliefs affect and directly drive his judgment and thoughts in relation to the decisions and choices he makes, forming in this way all of his life.

Watch Your Thoughts

According to scientific studies that have been done, the human brain can’t do two different thoughts simultaneously. We can’t be thinking of something pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. So we need to choose a kind of thinking.

The question is: What kind of thinking and information you want to keep?

Here we need to focus our attention to the result we want. If you want to succeed in your job, it will not help you if you think that you are not good, that you can’t do this job.
If you find it difficult to let go of this negative thought, prefer not to think at all.
When you stop to feed your negative thinking, then you create the appropriate standards for the positive thinking to take space within you.
Whatever thoughts you choose, they now will guide your life.
Your words, your dreams and your thoughts have the power to create and provoke pleasant and unpleasant situations in your life.

So, be careful…!
Don’t be the obstacle in your own way.
Make the shift in your thoughts and change your future!
Source: Moustaka Theodorou, Psychologist, Panteion University

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