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The Mystery of Poyang Lake’s , Bermuda Triangle

Do you know that Bermuda Triangle is not the only place for mysterious things and in other part of the Earth we can read about the same  mystery ?

Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake, was confirmed as the pilot project of the national underwater heritage survey. Jiangxi Province will take the opportunity of the current dry season to launch a large-scale underwater special scientific investigation regarding Poyang Lake. The Laoye Temple water area, also known as the “death area,” “devil horns,” and the Poyang Lake’s “Bermuda Triangle,” will be the focus of scientific investigations and its mystery is expected to be solved.


The Poyang Lake’s “Bermuda Triangle” is located to the north of Poyang Lake in Duchang County of Jiangxi Province. There is a temple called the Laoye Temple on its eastern bank and local people call the Laoye Temple water area the “place of death.”

According to sources, it is incomprehensible that more than 100 ships sunk and strangely disappeared in this area in the past 60 years. Therefore, people believe that a supernatural mysterious force that violates the laws of physics must exist here.

Countless ships have mysteriously disappeared in the Poyang Lake Laoye Temple water area for thousands of years and even a ship with a carrying capacity of more than 2,000 tons sunk in this area. Historic records show that 13 ships encountered accidents one after another on Aug. 3, 1985. This is very rare in the history of the world’s shipwrecks.

A local fisherman said that his family has been living on fishing for generations. He still lives in fear every day. However, as the Laoye Temple water area is the only channel of Poyang Lake leading to the Yangtze River, he has to break through the “jaws of death.” It is strange that people used every means to salvage the wrecks but none of the wrecks of those sunken ships were ever found.

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