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افسانه روز عشاق ( ولنتاین ) در کشور چین Legend of Chinese Valentine day

با تشکر فراوان از خانم شرلی گرامی از کشور چین که این افسانه عاشقانه و بسیار د لنشین در مورد روز ولنتاین ( روز عشاق ) را در اختیارمان گذاشتند .

Special thanks to dear Shirley from China who shared this fantastic Legend of Chinese Valentine day with us .

chinese valentiens

It is said that in the heaven lives an emperor who has 7 nice and beautiful daughters , centuries ago one day ,the seven sisters come down from the heaven to a clear and nice pool but  their coming down to the earth was not allowed by their father so after a while , a man was sent to tell them that they should be back immediately they all were in chaos and all found their clothes except the 7th daughter because  it was  night and dark and then ,a man who was very poor and a servant of a landlord  got her clothes , she could not go back to the heaven without the clothes because she could not fly without the clothes , she lost her magic , the man and the 7th girl got to know each other and fall in love , at that  moment the man with the name of Niulang did not know she was a fairy, after several days , the fairy’s elder sisters came to find their youngest sister , telling that she must be back , otherwise their father would become angry , then  she said goodbye to Niulang  but she did not tell him the truth  yet she told him she would be back  living with him , she went back to the heaven.

Chinese Valentine Day

While she was there , she missed her Niulang so much , so she went to her father for his permission for going to the earth to marry him , of course  it was not allowed , with the help of her elder sisters , she went  to meet Niulang secretly , and she found a god who was in charged of land to help her , the god was at  the mercy of this fairy those days , if a couple wanted to marry , there must be a go-between , and the marriage must be allowed by parents of the two so the god and the fairy used magic power they made an  old pagoda tree speak in order to make Niulang believe in her loyalty and sincerity and her determination because Niulang thought he had nothing and he had no right to marry her and he was a servant too , they found ways at last , they got the agreement so they went to the landlord , the landlord  made a lot of trouble to stop them to  get married , they were ordered to weave 7 rolls of cloth in a night Niulang was quite worried about that but the 7th girl was not at all she sent signal to her sisters and with their help , all the landlord’s requirements were made , it is said that 7 years in the earth means one day in the heaven so during the time , they lived happily , and having lovely  son and daughter , so finally  the emperor got to know it .

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He got almost crazy about the 7th girl so the emperor sent his fellows to catch his daughter , suddenly there were  terrible strong winds  and  the general who was sent by emperor of the heaven caught the fairy , leaving  only Niulang and the two kids the fairy refused to have anything to eat , neither of the father or daughter could win , so with someone’s trick ,the father said they would kill Niulang and the two kids , we all know if that was happened , the fairy would kill herself , so she promised to stay in the heaven , and no more go to the earth , on condition that they must not hurt any of her  kids or husband ,


Magpies were moved by their true love and many of them gathered and formed a bridge for the couple to meet in the evening of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, which is the day the Emperor allowed them to meet once a year.

and she could see her husband and kids on July the  seventh of lunar calender so every this day of year , they can meet , but they are separated from each other by the mliky way  it is widely spead in China , for their unchangeable  love for each other , though they are only allowed to see on both sides of the milky  way .

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