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Emotions And Our Health


Emotions And Our Health

Emotions are characterized as complex psychological and biological reactions. They are related to what we think and what we feel, although many times we fail to consciously deal with various stressful situations caused in everyday life.
In this our brain helps, which constantly restores the negative emotions to the surface using as means of resolving the difficulties that cannot ignore. Since our non-constructive thoughts often proliferate, we often magnify the problem leading to a dead end, or in isolation.

Sadness can Incur Even our Physical Health

According to British scientists, prolonged periods of sadness are able to weaken our immune system. Immunologists of the University of Birmingham discovered that developed levels of stress and depression affect the functioning of a type of white blood cells, neutrophils, which are responsible for the impugn of bacterial infections, such as pneumonia.
Several times, we have heard of couples who were married for many years and when one died, after a short time the other died from unhappiness. Janet Lord (Professor of Immune Cell Biology at Birmingham), who led the research, said: “There are a lot of anecdotes about couples who were married for 40 years when one of them passes away and then the other dies a few days later. It seems there is a biological basis for this. Rather than dying of a broken heart, however, they are dying of a broken immune system. They usually get infections.”
According to analysis findings of the immune system and hormone levels in 48 healthy volunteers aged 65 and older, of whom half had lost a loved one within the past 12 months, there was a significantly reduced antibacterial activity of neutrophils and the individuals had elevated cortisol (hormone produced by stress and suppresses the activity of neutrophils).

Emotions in Numbers

In addition, research conducted at the University of Leuven in Belgium showed that sadness lasts up to 240 times more than other emotions, such as feelings of shame, disgust and fear. More specifically:
The sadness for some good reason takes on average 120 hours, while the feelings of shame and disgust 30 minutes, and fear 42 minutes. Next comes the feeling of hatred that lasts 60 hours, while the feeling of joy lasts 35 hours.
According to this study, the scientists point out that depression is the most prolonged feeling because is caused by events with a huge impact on our personality as divorce and illness, so we need more time to manage it.
The above study was conducted on 233 students who were asked to remember emotions they recently felt, the events that caused them and the duration. Of the 27 emotions that reported overall, it was noted that:
Boredom and surprise subside in about two hours. The frustration takes 1.3 hours to leave, same with compassion. Instead, stress need 3 hours to subside, guilt 3.5 hours and pride 2.6 hours. The feelings of relaxation on the other subside within 4.3 hours while the excitement takes 6 hours to subside. Relief recedes in 8 hours and envy in 15 hours. Finally feelings like despair, hope, anxiety, frustration and satisfaction subside within 24 hours.
As stated by the head of the Department of Psychology, emotions that have short duration usually caused by events that have little significance as opposed to long-term emotions caused by events that stigmatize the one directly concerned.
Of course, it is possible to not become directly visible but to come to the surface after a long time. In these cases, when one recalls the events that occurred and their consequences, depressive feelings revive thereby extending their duration.
It is important to recognize the causes of sadness, unhappiness, our anger and hatred because this way we treat them effectively. Finally, it is necessary to avoid the analysis of past hard situations, whose impact causes our psychological entrapment.
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