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Free Download of : Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot

pale blue dot


Free Download of : Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot – A Vision of the Human Future in Space (Ballantine, 1994, 1997)


We were wanderers from the beginning. We knew every stand of tree for a hundred miles.
When the fruits or nuts were ripe, we were there. We followed the herds in their annual migrations. We rejoiced in fresh meat. through stealth, feint, ambush, and main-force assault, a few of us cooperating accomplished what many of us, each hunting alone, could not. We
depended on one another . Making it on our own was as ludicrous to imagine as was settling down.
Working together, we protected our children from the lions and the hyenas.We taught them the skills they would need. And the tools. Then, as now , technology was the key to our survival.
When the drought was prolonged,or when an unsettling chill lingered in the summer air, our group moved on—sometimes to unknown lands. We sought a better place. And when we couldn’t get on with the others in our little nomadic band, we left to find a more friendly bunch
somewhere else. We could always begin again.
For 99.9 percent of the time since our species came to be, we were hunters and foragers, wanderers on the savannahs and the steppes. There were no border guards then, no customs officials. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the Earth and the ocean and the
sky—plus occasional grumpy neighbors ……

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