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Native American Stories : The Rabbit And The Elk

The Rabbit And The Elk

Myths and legends of the Sioux

The Rabbit And The Elk

The little rabbit lived with his old grandmother, who needed a new dress.
“I will go out and trap a deer or an elk for you,”
he said.
“Then you shall have a new dress.”
When he went out hunting he laid down his bow in the path while he looked at his snares. An elk coming by saw the bow.
“I will play a joke on the rabbit,”
said the elk to himself.
“I will make him think I have been caught in his bow string.”
He then put one foot on the string and lay down as if dead.
By and by the rabbit returned. When he saw the elk he was filled with joy and ran home crying:
“Grandmother, I have trapped a fine elk. You shall have a new dress from his skin. Throw the old one in the fire!”
This the old grandmother did.
The elk now sprang to his feet laughing.
“Ho, friend rabbit,”
he called,
“You thought to trap me; now I have mocked you.”
And he ran away into the thicket.
The rabbit who had come back to skin the elk now ran home again.
“Grandmother, don’t throw your dress in the fire,”
he cried. But it was too late. The old dress was burned.

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