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Native American Stories :Sack and Pot as Man and Wife

Sack and Pot

Myths and Tales from the San Carlos Apache

Sack and Pot as Man and Wife

Long ago they say Pot was a woman and Sack was a man. As these two were walking together they came where there was a sheer cliff with no way down. Pot jumped over and was broken. Then Sack jumped over, too, but landed safely. He repaired the pot and they walked on.
As they traveled they came where a fire was burning over a large territory. Pot went right in, walked through the middle of the fire, and came out the other side. She stood at the edge of the fire. Sack went in and began to blaze there before he had gone far from the edge of the fire. Pot went in after Sack and brought him out and repaired him. Pot was not burned at all.
They walked on until they came to a river. Sack waded across to the other side. Pot went in but filled with water in the middle of the river and sank. “My wife is drowned,” Sack said, and he wept.

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