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Asian giant hornet

 Some animals continuously steal the top spots on various lists of the world’s dangerous and deadliest animals. While great white sharks, cobras, and ferocious African felines may be experienced predators, there are just as many little-known yet equally threatening animals lurking in the wild



Once you notice the size of the Asian giant hornet—nearly as big as one’s thumb—you’ll know why it needed to be included on this list. The hornet’s wingspan is bigger than that of some hummingbirds, and can fly at an impressive 25 miles per hour–even faster when in a hive. This huge hornet, also referred to as the Japanese giant hornet, is responsible for numerous deaths in Japan every year.



One sting from the Asian giant hornet can be fatal, regardless of the victim’s experience of an allergic reaction to the venom. Significantly more potent than other wasps and hornets, the Asian giant hornet’s venom contains cytolytic peptides that literally tear apart cell tissue on the molecular scale. The size of the stinger, ¼ of an inch, combined with the venom, mean that this hornet sting is devastatingly painful.

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